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Sarah Hoskens


My name is Sarah Hoskens. I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Counselor Education Master’s Program, and am currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for the State of Florida. In addition to earning my Masters in Mental Health Counseling at UCF, I am also a certified Marriage and Family Therapist. I have completed Levels One and Two of renowned couples’ therapist and researcher Dr. John Gottman’s Couples Therapy Training Program. I have extensive experience and training working with substance abuse, as well as with LGBT couples and individuals. I have taught HIV Education classes and led HIV support groups for those living with HIV, as well as led Relapse Prevention and Processing groups for those struggling with substance abuse.

Working specifically with the LGBT community is where my true passions lie. For LGBT couples, there is a unique dynamic that exists that many couples’ counselors don’t quite grasp. With my couples’ clients, I work to understand the unique chemistry and underlying subtleties that make the relationship function. The relationship is the client in couples counseling, and therefore it is the relationship that I treat as a counselor; this makes it even more important that I refrain from judging or taking sides, and that my clients understand that couples counseling is a place you come to heal your relationship, not to blame or criticize your partner.

What I am proudest of is my work with individuals with HIV. Whether you yourself are living with HIV, or one of your loved ones is, counseling is an important part of understanding how to live with HIV rather than suffer from it. I understand HIV both as a physical affliction and as a mental health issue, and work with my clients to understand that life does not end with a positive diagnosis. Living a long, happy, healthy, fulfilling life (and yes, even having a healthy sex life) is all possible while living with HIV.

As you can see, I have a great deal of passion for many areas of counseling. I am a firm believer that counseling should take place without judgment or pre-conceived ideas of what is best or right for someone based on basic information. I get to know my clients on a personal level, develop close, trusting relationships built on a foundation of solid rapport and mutual trust, and proceed at a pace and level that each client is comfortable with. My job is not to tell you what to do, or even to give you advice. My job is to help navigate the path to the solution and answers you are looking for, in a healthy and productive way. Together, we develop a care plan to help you reach your goals and come to a better understanding of yourself.


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